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As beautiful as any single piece of stone may be, an exquisite installation is the true testament to the power that stone brings to a project.  The following images represent both classic and innovative uses of our remarkable collection of materials.  A wide array of paving, wall stone, landscape stone and custom fabricated applications are represented throughout--please enjoy your journey!

Current Gallery: Custom Stone Elements
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Coeur d' Alene Limestone, Exterior Patio Paving
Product Overview
A broad-spectrum tour of our stone materials featuring a variety of applications and styles from past projects.
Fiore Gold Limestone, Veneer and Wall Caps
Wall Stone Applications
Vertical stone applications ranging from rustic chopped materials to precision-cut panels.
Carmel Cream Limestone, Compound Arches and Columns
Custom Stone Elements
Beautifully carved or cut-to-size architectural stone details capable of standing out or integrating seamlessly with the surrounding stone work.
Mirabella Light Limestone, Paving Pool Coping
Pool Coping-Fountain Coping
An important factor in many paving and landscape projects is the addition of coordinating pool copings and fountain copings.
Split Face with Sawn Edges
Stone Veneer Patterns
The pattern is just one part of the natural stone veneer equation that also includes the material selection and the skill of the installing mason.
Coeur d' Alene Limestone, Oversized exterior Paving Brushed Finish
Landscape Stone Applications
Hardscape paving, walls, and custom stone objects thoughtfully combined with nature and built architecture.
Random Irregular Flagging (2)
Stone Paving Patterns
Paving pattern selection is an influencing design factor as critical to the overall design as the material itself.
Coeur d' Alene Limestone, Oversized Paving
Paving Stone Applications
Interior and exterior paving stone installations highlighting selected materials, finishes and patterns.
Auberge Limestone, veneer - Ironwood Sandstone wall caps
Stone Combinations
Combining multiple stone materials, finishes, and patterns
Antique Granite Planks
Commercial Applications
Interior and exterior commercial stone installations highlighting selected materials and finishes.
Luxe National, Volume 8, Issue 2, Spring 2010
Coeur d' Alene Limestone, Exterior Patio Paving
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Coeur d' Alene Limestone, Exterior Patio Paving
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Golden Pearl Granite Veneer and Wall Caps and Stairs
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Coeur d' Alene Limestone, Oversized Paving
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Mirabella Light Limestone Paving Pool Coping
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Ironwood Sandstone, Pool Coping and Paving
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Bay Fieldstone, Interior Ledge Veneer
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Black Conte Basalt, Veneer
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Aurum Limestone, Veneer and Malena Limestone Paving, Veneer, Wall Caps
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Gris Limestone, Veneer fireplace
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Coeur d' Alene Limestone, Oversized Paving
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Coeur d' Alene Limestone, Paving
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Sebastian Grey Limestone Pool Coping and Paving
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Golden Pearl Granite Fountain
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Vieux Monde Limestone, interior paving
Coeur d'Alene Light Limestone Paving - Pumiced Finish
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