Black Conte Basalt
Black Conte Basalt
        Black Conte Basalt Veneer - Burnished Finish

Complex in color with subtle notes of charcoal and brown woven throughout, Black Conte Basalt is a stand-out among other black stones. This unexpected, yet harmonious color range allows Black Conte to contrast and complement a wide variety of other building materials, while a diverse range of available finish options further deepens its mercurial nature. Excellent for use as an architectural veneer, Black Conte is also well-suited for paving, cobbles, and cut-to-size applications.


 Commercial Paving
Residential Paving
Full Depth Veneer
Thin Veneer
L Shaped Corners
Architectural Items
Freeze Thaw Veneer
Freeze Thaw Paving

Hal McCullough,
Sales and Project Management

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