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Maiden Stone is an experienced team from sales, to operations and management.   We are committed to excellence in the caliber of our service and quality of the stone.  Each person works for the same goal, no matter their role, to provide exquisite stone materials that exceed client expectations.

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Sandra Jonas Desguin


Sandra Jonas Desguin, founder and president of Maiden Stone, Inc., naturally changes and adapts to new environments.

Born in Maryland, Sandra’s childhood spanned across the globe – to date she has lived in over 13 different cities in 6 different countries, and traveled to 20 more. After graduating for Seoul American High School in Seoul, Korea, she moved back to the United States to earn a Bachelor of Science in Industrial Management & Information Systems from Carnegie Mellon University.

She then moved to New York City where she began working in the technology, fashion and caviar industries – expanding her business knowledge and proving to herself and her employers that she could sell anything. Eight years later, when looking for a career change and a new challenge, Sandra became interested in the stone business through a friend from college. She had found her calling and packed her bags and moved to Seattle.

After consulting mentors, friends and family, Sandra founded Maiden Stone, Inc. in 2003 inside a spare bedroom in her home. Throughout the following years, she has used her passion for supplying the best quality stone to luxury, one-of-a-kind homes across the country to drive her business forward. Maiden Stone’s inventory reflects Sandra’s diverse travels, with stone quarried in Asia, Europe and the United States. Her clients value her dynamic, unique perspective on stone and its applications and continue to use her team for their residential and commercial needs.

Never settling for second place, Sandra prides herself on her commitment to customer service and growth or “leaving no stone left unturned.” She is consistently researching new stones, new factories and better procedures to challenge herself and delight Maiden Stone’s customers.

Serving on multiple boards, Sandra believes in being active in the community.   She is a member of Entrepreneurs’ Organization Houston Chapter, was secretary of the Sterling Group for 2012, involved with RTP in Houston and in San Francisco, and volunteered with Living Water International to dig wells in Guatemala.

Sandra resides in Houston, Texas with her husband, Michael. They have 3 children, Aubrey, Austin and Matthew and she spends her free time continuing to explore new parts of the world, dance, sail and live life with an extraordinary joy and sense of adventure.

Hal McCullough

Vice President

Hal McCullough, Sales & Project Manager at Maiden Stone, has a passion for building people’s dream homes.

Raised in Montana, Hal graduated from Sentinel High School in Missoula, Montana and attended Montana State University where he earned his bachelor’s degree in architecture. Thirsty to learn more, he went on to get his MBA at the University of Montana.

After graduating, Hal found his calling in the industry. He began gaining experience by working with architects and electrical engineers in Montana and Seattle. Inspired by Italy’s rich culture, Hal took a 5-year hiatus from the stone industry to pursue his other passions. He traveled between Seattle, Connecticut and Northern Italy designing handmade Italian decorative pewter objects.

But the stone industry drew him back; he joined Maiden Stone in February 2009 as a sales and project manager. He has always been fascinated with houses –  interiors and exteriors –  with specific interests in both landscape architecture and interior design. His infinite creativity and curiosity is what makes his work at Maiden Stone  invaluable

Hal spends his free time with his partner, Derek, and enjoys studying Italian, exercising and gardening.

Wayne Consolvo

General Manager

Wayne is the Maiden Stone’s General Manager and his previous experience in operations includes time as the Chief Operating Officer of a business advisory firm and the Director of Operations at a private DNA laboratory.

Wayne offers significant expertise in financial, technology, human resources, and business development and joined the Maiden Stone team in 2014.

Wayne has lived in Houston, TX for most of his life and attended both Southwestern University and the University of Houston.  He is married and has three children.

Jammie Pearson

Sales Representative

Ashley Gibson

Sales Assistant

Kellie O’Brien


Dave Steiz

Advisory Board Member

Jeanne Cunicelli

Advisory Board Member

Michael Desguin

Advisory Board Member